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Review: Last Will

Posted by James (admin) on 31st October 2011

Last Will is a game where players must be the first to spend some money left to them by their uncle.  The first to prove they can enjoy such riches the most (fastest) will then be the sole heir to the rest of the massive inheritance.  In essence, the game is an interesting mix of worker placement with elements of efficiency engine too, but there are lots of things to balance.

Each round consists of several steps.  First, players take turns selecting their place on the actions chart – a player’s position on the chart determines the number of workers (errand boys) they will place (1 or 2), the number of actions they will spend (playing cards and spending money) and the number of cards they will take from the decks (giving them options on how to spend money or other abilities), plus it determines the order of play for that turn too.  This multi-dimensional choice is an excruciatingly interesting decision to make, especially as only one player can select each of the mixture of options.  (It’s a bit like the initial choice of what time to get up in Fresco but even harder to select.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Dark Minions Winner Announced

Posted by James (admin) on 26th October 2011

There were loads of entries into the Dark Minions competition and I am pleased to announce that the winner is Chris Tucker.  The copy of Z-Man’s Dark Minions is on its way to him.

Thanks to everyone who entered.  Also, thanks to Zev at Z-Man Games who provided the copy of the game for the competition.  The photo shows me and Zev when he gave the prize copy of the game to me at Spiel early on Thursday morning.

A review of the game will be posted soon and you can read my preview of Dark Minions for details in the meantime.


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Reports and Photos from Spiel – This Year’s Plan

Posted by James (admin) on 19th October 2011

This year, I’m going to cover Spiel in Essen a bit differently than previously.  Rather than try to explain a game (even just my most basic thoughts) in 140 characters via Twitter, which is tricky and can easily not do a game justice, I shall be posting photos of the games I play on Twitter as well.  I shall post the photos to this blog too – hopefully once per day.  Theoretically I could post photos to both Twitter and my blog from my iPhone but the data costs in Europe are very high so I’ll use Twitter as the live feed and post the day’s photos on the blog later.

So, if you want to see what I’m playing as well as read my comments on the latest new releases at Spiel, follow my twitter @Metagames

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Review: Elder Sign

Posted by James (admin) on 3rd October 2011

Elder Sign is a game set in the Arkham Horror (H. P. Lovecraft) setting  by Fantasy Flight Games.  This time it’s a co-operative dice game where players are investigators inside a museum trying to find enough elder signs to ensure the Great Old One doesn’t enter this world, or (and much more unlikely) to defeat it if it does awaken.

On their turn, a player can choose to attempt to accomplish one of the 6 situations in the museum currently available.  The player rolls 6 special dice (showing results like investigations, peril, etc.) and tries to get enough results that match any of the tasks on the card.  For example, one situation card may show 2 tasks: one requiring 2 lore scrolls, and another requiring 1 peril plus 2 investigations plus 1 terror.  If a player completes one of the tasks, they set the dice needed to do so aside and can roll the remaining dice again to try to complete more tasks on the situation card.  If the player doesn’t complete any of the remaining tasks on a roll, they discard a dice and re-roll their remaining dice again until they complete all tasks or fail.  Players can use special items, spells, allies, etc. that they’ve gained along the way to roll a few better dice, plus the player may use clue tokens to re-roll any of their dice before seeing if they have completed a task. Read the rest of this entry »

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