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iPhone: Stone Age

Posted by James (admin) on 10th December 2012

Apologies for the lack of reviews this last week, I’ve had a lot of work to do (this time designing a freemium game which is very interesting).

I had the opportunity to download and play the iPhone version of Stone Age just before it hit the iPhone store.

I’m really pleased to say it seems excellent. I’ll write a proper review of it soon but the initial impression is that it’s an exact copy of the board game’s gameplay, plus the implementation is very clever.

Fitting everything on a tiny screen is a big challenge in Stone Age as there are lots of different board areas, but this has been achieved very well by displaying the main village areas on one screen and having the resource areas as overlays that slide on- and off- screen very quickly. Also, information about the other players like number of resources and cards held, as well as info on your own position are well handled with info tabs sliding out at a single tap. It’s very slick. Proper review to follow soon.


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Review: Oddville

Posted by James (admin) on 3rd December 2012

Oddville is a eurogame with a city building theme and a very compact game design.  By that, I don’t mean its physical playing-size on the table; instead, I mean that the game mechanics are neatly compressed.  As a result, Oddville contains a clever, inventive design with more game than you may expect from a relatively short game.

During the game player’s gain resources, money and characters as well as construct buildings  so they can score the most victory points (VPs).  The game ends as soon as any player places their 6th worker in the city.

Each player has their own deck of 4 action cards.  On their turn, a player can play 1 action card which allows them to either gain the cash shown, or gain 1 of the resources shown, or gain 1 building from the 6 building cards on display (the card affects the price).  The cards range from strong to weak and the player gets these cards back once they have used all 4, or they can spend cash to get all used ones back (but the more cards still hand, the greater the cost).

When a player chooses to gain one of the resources on their action card, they place one of their workers on the lowest market price for that resource (which are limited in number) and pays the price.  The worker on the board shows the player has that resource until they spend it when building.  The game scales with 2 players as there are fewer cheap resources available. Read the rest of this entry »

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