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Kickstarter: Magination

Posted by James (admin) on 15th December 2015

Magination gameI get notified about a lot of Kickstarter projects and I thought I would post a quick message about one particular one that caught my eye called Magination,  It is a set of magnetic pieces which contain one, two or three very powerful magnets in each and various games can be played with these.  One example called MagTension is to set up a ring of 2-magnet pieces and then take turns placing 1-magnet pieces inside the ring – the first person to place one that attracts others not only loses the game (so it’s a bit like the magnetic equivalent of Jenga) but it can cause a chain reaction of the magnets bouncing around attracting more and more and finally sticking to the ring.  It looks very cool in practice.  Another use is to use a piece containing 3 magnets to flick a 1-magnet piece across the table using the repelling magnetic fields.

Rather than try and describe it further, check out the main video on their Kickstarter page which does show it off very well indeed (and conveys it much better than pure text).  Some of the chain reactions are great.

Check out Magination and their video on Kickstarter here

The Kickstarter has already funded (by 6 times) but has only 60 hours remaining if you want to get involved.


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