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Metagames Returns & Starts Two New Boardgaming World Records

Posted by James (admin) on 6th May 2011

After being away for 3 weeks, Metagames reviews will resume next week.  But, where have I been all this time?  Well, I was on an 11-day trek in the Himalayas in Nepal – a very out of character trip for me and an incredible experience.  The trek took us all the way up to and through Thorung La – the world’s longest/biggest pass – at an altitude of 5,416 metres (17,769 feet)!  That’s higher than the 3rd highest peak in the USA and higher than the 2nd highest peak in Europe if you include Russia.  (The highest peak in Europe excluding Russia is Mont Blanc at only 4,807 meters.)

Of course, I took the opportunity to get in some gaming with several portable games like Cockroach Poker, For Sale, No Thanks, Mow and Battle Line.  However, I also I decided to start 2 new boardgaming world records which will be hosted 0n this site which anyone can enter and compete for.

The first record is the Metagames World’s Highest Meeple record which is for the highest (land-based) meeple.  I have started this record at 5,416 metres (17,769 feet).  Check out the photos below:

Red wins! The meeple at 5,416 meters. Macro lens took a great photo. Me with the meeple. I don’t usually have a beard – it was just during the trek.

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Review: Cockroach Poker

Posted by James (admin) on 7th December 2009

Cockroach Poker is a very, very simple bluffing game. But for all its simplicity, it is certainly no less fun. The game consists of a deck of cards which have pictures of creatures like rats, bats, toads and, of course, cockroaches. There are 8 cards for each of the 8 types of creature.

The cards are dealt out to the players and the players try to get rid of their cards to other players. On your turn, you pass a card face-down to another player and say what creature is on it. They have three options: They can believe you, or they can say you’re lying. Read the rest of this entry »

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